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Where is the kids track?

The kids track is on the right side of the road next to the big track starting line. You can park next to the kids track vs. up in the field.

Q: What size bikes can ride the kids track?

65cc is the biggest size bike allowed on the kids track.

Q: Can kids on ATVs ride the kids track?

As long as it's not too crowded for safety reasons, small ATVs for kids are allowed.

Q: Where do you register and pay?

When approaching New England Dragway, follow ERRCO road drive straight ahead past New England Dragway entrances. MX101 entrance will be on your right. Look for a sign-in camper where you sign the waiver and pay the entrance fee.

Q: Is there a hose to wash my bike or quad?

No, there is not.

Q: Where do you park?

After you register, you can park to the left or right. On the left you will be easily to see which class is running.

Q: Where do you enter the track to ride?

This changes occasionally so check with entrance gate personnel if unsure. 

Q: Where do you exit the track?

Same as above. Ask any track officials if uncertain. Usually, the finish line is on the opposite side of the track. There is a shack there. The EXIT sign is posted there. Please always exit the track using this exit. Please do NOT use the exit/entrance near the field. This is for the ambulance, EMTs and track officials only.

Q: How do you know when to ride during practice?

Practice is run by rider class: A, B, C, Youth, Quad. There is a barrel at the starting line with letters on it. The track official at the starting line should turn the barrel to show you which class is running.  You might want to ask the track official anyway just to be sure, so you don't miss your practice.

Q: Are classes ever combined during practice sessions?

Depending on how many riders there are, sometimes classes are combined i.e. A and B. Youth and Quad classes are never combined with any other class regardless of how many riders are at the track. If there is only one quad, they ride alone.

Q: Do you offer a season pass?

Sorry, we do not offer a season pass. 

Q: Is there a spectator fee?

Non-riding family members of minor riders (parents, grandparents and siblings) are free when arriving at the track together for sign-in. Non-family member spectators or later arriving family members are $5 per person.

Q: When does the track open and close for the season?

The track typically opens in April and closes for the season in late October. Specific opening and closing dates are announced on the website and on Facebook as we get closer to the date.

Q: Are you Open on weekdays?
We are open on Wednesdays, and starting in 2023, we will be opening on occasional Fridays! All weather permitting. Check website and on Facebook.

Q: Is overnight camping allowed?
RV campaign only is allowed with prior permission. No tents or campfires allowed.

Keep asking questions so we can answer them for everyone here.

Send email to NHMX101 @ yahoo.com or submit the Contact Us form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I download the waiver in advance?

Riders 18 years and older print and sign their name on the waiver sign-in sheet every time they ride. Day Rider forms (required 1X per year per rider) can be downloaded and printed at home. 

Q: I am a minor (under 18) and my parent will be with me at the track. How do I get a waiver?

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: If a parent or legal guardian is bringing you to the track, they will SIGN THE WAIVER AT THE TRACK in front of a MX101 employee. 

Q: I am a minor and my parent cannot come to the track. How do I get a waiver?

First of all, every minor needs an adult (18+ years) present to ride. If a parent/legal guardian cannot be present to sign the waiver in person at the track, download MX101 Minor Waiver form 6.1.23 copy.pdf and have it notarized. (Most banks have a notary public on staff.) The form must be printed in color and 2-sided (1 piece of paper). The parent/guardian completes one side and the minor completes the second page. The notary must witness both parties complete their portion of the forms. The waiver is kept on file for the season. Additionally, we require temporary guardianship form to completed and notarized which can be downloaded here PARENTAL PERMISSION FOR GUARDIANSHIP OF MINOR MX101.pdf. This should be presented by the minor and temporary guardian when arriving at the track.

Q: Do I need a kill switch to ride a quad?

You need a tether and nerf bars. This is a requirement for the safety of the rider and others at the track.

Q: Do you have a track for kids?

Yes, we have a separate small track for kids.