This Saturday, October 12th motocross racing at MX101

Come on over to MX101 this Saturday to race or to watch. There will be classes for all racers from kids on 50's to vets on 450's and everyone in between.


It's that time of year to start thinking about the 2013 Season.  MX101 is offering annual memberships again this year.
Primary Membership - $375.00

Quick start guide

Open Practice at MX101 in Epping, NH every Saturday & Sunday 9:00 til 5:00 Except on race days. $30

Open Practice every Wednesday 1:00 til 7:00 $30 after 5:00 $20

Family Day Rate: $30 primary $20 first rider $15 additonal rider must be under 18 to qualify

Kids MX practice track only $20, no pit bikes, for begining riders not ready for the big track.

Quads are welcome unless posted. Same rates as bikes.

Rules: 1st gear in the pits only, respect your fellow riders

All spectators are FREE on practice days but must sign in at the sign up trailer.

Practice sessions will be split up as needed.

Practice sessions will have EMT & flaggers on site.

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